Asset Operations Coordinator - Kraft Mill Utilities

Company Name:
Absolute Opportunities
Job Ref.: 2481
Job Title: Asset Operations Coordinator - Kraft Mill Utilities
Role: Management
Relocation Available: Yes
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Michigan
Town / City: Escanaba
Job Type: Permanent full-time
Job description:
Supervise continual economic and efficient production in all areas of the Kraft Mill, Woodyard, PMD, RMP and Utilities. Responsible for overseeing safe work practices with all individuals working in the area and minimizing environmental issues during operation. Provide safety, quality, technical and operational support. In addition, lead and guide the development of crews.
Maintain safe operation for employees
Ensure quality standards for finished products are met
Work effectively with different groups on the mill site including maintenance, shipping, quality, technical services and the like
Improve productivity and efficiency by positively interacting with crew members and management to perform basic troubleshooting, lead problem resolution and implement corrective actions
Educate and administer the labor agreement, policies, and work rules with the crews
Effectively use and support mill systems such as work notification processes, shift log books and computerized data management systems such as PI
Work with hourly and management employees to improve training materials/process
Promote Manufacturing Excellence by focusing on operator engagement, coaching and mentoring with utilization of the Learning Management System and related processes
Possess ambulatory capabilities to move around the mill, climb ladders and catwalks
Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Pulp & Paper Science or related field; OR
10 years related experience in manufacturing environment
Good communication, organizational, troubleshooting, and interpersonal skills
Strong aptitude for mechanical, chemical processes, and computer systems
Ability to work 12 hour shifts (days and nights)
Bottom Line Requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Pulp & Paper Science or related field preferred.
2. 5 + years of related safe work experience in a heavy manufacturing environment.
3. Strong aptitude for mechanical, chemical processes, and computer systems.

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